Want to build a website with the most popular Content Management System? - Obviously Joomla!

Want to implement the most used Learning Management System? - Clearly Moodle

Wish you could integrate them together providing your guests with content from both systems, at the same time, through one interface?

Now you can! 

Aug 8, 2010  Joomdle R0.25 Released


We are pleased to announce that Joomdle R0.25 is now available for download. This release add some features and more 3rd party integration, as well as fixes a security vulnerability recently discovered in Joomdle, so it is strongly recommended that you update your installation.

Some features added are:

  • Added cURL as a connection method, hoping that more users will be able to use Joomdle now
  • Allow the users to enter the system using Moodle login page
  • Added Moodle subcategories support
  • More 3rd party integration:
    • Tienda, the e-commerce extension
    • Xmap, for creating site maps


We also fixed a number of bugs, many reported by the community, so thanks for your help in making Joomdle better.


Warm regards

Joomdle Team

Antonio and Chris