Centralised User Profiles

Joomdle allows for the centralisation of user profiles ensuring consistency of user details between Joomla and Moodle and their associated extensions.  Whether you use Joomla 2.5's User Profiles or one of the 3rd party extensions offering user profiles.   Furthermore, you can choose whether to syncronise from Joomla to Moodle or from Moodle to Joomla depending on your site's business policies.   This gives administrators the option of having consistent user data across both platforms.

Joomla Extension Integration

Currently, Joomdle integrates with the following Joomla extensions:

  • Ambra User Manager
  • Community Builder
  • Jomsocial
  • Joomdle User Profiles (1.7+)
  • Hikashop
  • Tienda
  • Virtuemart

Once configured, the website administrator is able to define which fields map between Joomla extension, the Joomla extension and Moodle as shown in the picture below.


In addition, the website administrator can add additional data mapping pairs as appropriate



User Profile Types & Groups

In Moodle you may define a 'user' as a student, parent, teacher, etc. In the past, this concept did not exist within Joomla's design. Therefore, to achieve this Joomdle has integrated with Jomsocial and JoomlaXi's JSPT to profile user profile types.  In addition, with the introduction of ACLS from Joomla 1.7+ the administrator is able to map the Joomla user group to a Moodle role (currently limited to Student and Teacher).

Locking fields in Joomla or Moodle

As part of the centralisation feature, the administrator is able to configure Moodle to prohibit (lock) the user from editing his/her own fields from within Moodle.  This ensures the user profile details are managed consistently from the chosen application / extension.