System Health Check

The most frustrating thing when installing new Joomla! extensions is when you spend all that time and effort searching and Googling for that perfect extension only to install and configure it, yet ending up with errors.  We know, we have been there too.  What's worse is that you have no where to turn.  You've tried the in-depth documentation but don't know where to start.  You posted in the community forum but its bed time in the country where the support is located.

Alas, Joomdle has created the Joomdle System Health Check to help you identify where your problem may lie.   With this nugget of information, you can quickly identify the most appropriate area within the documentation to resolve the problem yourself.  Now that's what we call home medicine.

System Health Check

At the heart of Joomdle is a number of arteries and nerves that send messages back to the Joomdle brain when something doesn't quite feel right.  Once alerted Joomdle checks for the mandatory requirements to keep it alive and ticking.  Naturally Joomdle is not able to fix all the problems itself due to your systems security settings and preferred working environment.  After all you wouldn't want your doctor to push the pills down your throat either.

Now we all know that prevention is better than cure.  So why not, immediately after you install and configure Joomdle, visit your Joomdle System Health Check to ensure you have a clean system of health.  It only takes a few seconds and will certainly save countless hours and frustration when you are having problems.  Simple go to Admin → Components → Joomdle → System Check and look for the green checks and red crosses.




Once "in" the System Health Check you will notice the Joomdle system requirements listed down the left side.  The Health Status is shown by either a green check or a red cross and for those with a red cross, the specific reason will be shown next to it.  With this you can now proceed to correct the problem and proceed with your installation.  If necessary, Joomdle's Wiki documentation may provide additional insight into the message(s) provided and/or you can seek additional support in Joomdle's community forum.