inconsistant login from Joomla to Moodle

7 years 3 weeks ago
David Ellis
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inconsistant login from Joomla to Moodle #1
When I log my test user into Joomla using the Community Builder login, the user is sometimes also logged into Moodle correctly,
and randonmly sometimes not. When the user does log in to moodle correclty navigating to aother moodle page causes the user to
be logged out. If I manually log in to both Joomla AND Moodle one after the other both stay logged in and if I log out of joomla
I am also correctly logged out of moodle

I am running Joomla 1.9+ Joomla 2.5.1 and Joomdle 0.7 and community builder 1.8

I have added a user using cB register, and they appear as Joomdle and Moodle users correctly
activated and in joomdle the following accounts show green ticks against the user:
Joomla Account Moodle Account Joomdle User

I have mapped Joomla component= CB first name and last name joomla fields to moodle fields
7 years 3 weeks ago
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inconsistant login from Joomla to Moodle #2
Quite unusual. My first thoughts:
- Are you sure SSO is working? If you log out of everything, open your browser and just log in from Joomla, what happens?
- What happens without CB?
- Have you enabled the Joomdle CB plugin?

Also, ensure you are not logging into the Moodle admin at the same time from the same browser. If you want an admin client open at the same time use two different browsers, say chrome and firefox. Moodle doesn't have a back-end and thus cannot have two ids in at once.
6 years 7 months ago
Harsh vardhan Tiwari
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inconsistant login from Joomla to Moodle #3
same error happens with me inconsistant login many time.
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