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Do I Understand CB Subs Correctly

1 year 2 months ago
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Do I Understand CB Subs Correctly #1
I am looking for an easy way to add users to a course from within Joomla (other than through Moodle wrapped in Joomdle) and it seems to me that CB subs is that way. But before buying CB subs so I can us the Joomdle CB plugin, I thought I'd confirm that I understand how this would work.

My understanding is that I can create a membership subscription in CB subs and include a Moodle course in that membership. Then, in Joomla, I can simply add an existing user to that subscription and upon doing so they will be enrolled in the course.

Do I have that right?
1 year 2 months ago
Antonio Durán
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Do I Understand CB Subs Correctly #2

Yes, that's right.... even if it seems a bit overkill if you are not planning to use the subscription features. But we don't really have another way to enrol users from Joomla right now, so if you need it, it seems like a workaround that should work.
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