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Moodle Template without Navigation

This moodle template hides the default Moodle navigation so that when displayed in Joomla, the course content looks like it is in Joomla.  The link below is to sourceforce where we keep the template download.

Moodle Template which hides the Moodle navigation

Moodle Signup enrolment plugin

Signup enrolment plugin lets you automatically enrol users in the desired courses when they sign up to Moodle.

For example, you can set it to enrol all your new users to the "Moodle intro" course.

You just need to enable the plugin in the courses you want users to be auto-enroled when they register.

Download Signup enrolment plugin


registeredOnly (J1.5)

registeredOnly plugin restrict access to Joomla site to registered users only. This works with J1.5 only.

When a guest user tries to access any Joomla content, he is redirected to the login page.

Download registeredOnly plugin



openWindow plugin opens a new window with the configured URL when the user logs in Joomla.

Download openWindow plugin

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