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Single Sign-On (SSO)


Joomdle provides a Single Sign On (SSO) environment between the Joomla and Moodle platforms.

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System Health Check


Got a problem? Visit the Joomdle System Health Check for a diagnosis and home medicine.

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Move-in Sept. 19

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Key Stats

  • 9,500 Graduates
  • 4,700 Freshman
  • 9,500 Residents
  • 2,000 International

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Wish you could sell courses online?  Did you ever want to provide social networking features to your Moodle users? Have you wanted to syncronise your Moodle user data with Joomla for the longest time?

3rd Party Integration

Now you can! With Joomdle's strong and growing list of integrated 3rd party extension.

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3rd Party Extension Integration

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Joomdle enables selling of online courses

With the support for 3rd party integration Joomdle has the flexibility of integrating with your favourite e-Commerce platforms including Virtuemart, Tienda and Moodles own Paypal blocks. So sit back and see the dollars roll in.
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Displaying Moodle content in Joomla

Whether it be for announcements, sales of online learning courses or the latest class events, Joomdle provides the capability to display Moodle's content right inside Joomla giving your users greater benefit and keeping your customer coming back.
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Features for Parents

Do you provide online courses for children? Joomdle provides the ability for parents to purchases courses for their children and enroll both the child and parent automatically in the course using Moodle's parents features.

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Centralised User Profiles

Joomdle provides centralisation of user's profile data ensuring consistency of information between Joomla and Moodle overcoming Joomla's limitation of allowing user name and password details only.

  • Jomsocial to Moodle
  • CB to Moodle
  • Tienda to Moodle
  • VM to Moodle
  • Moodle to Jomsocial
  • Moodle to CB
  • Moodle to Tienda
  • Moodle to VM

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