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Joomla and Moodle sessions

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Joomla and Moodle sessions #1
This is an issue we can't seem to find a workaround for. The main point is that Joomla and Moodle keep track of separate sessions.

As a user logs into Joomla, they will also be logged into Moodle through Joomdle's SSO.

Unfortunately, even as they continue to work and remain signed in within Moodle, their Joomla session expires (when session lifetime is up) and they are logged out of Joomla. When they then return to Joomla, they find out that they are logged out.

Is there a way to keep Joomla and Moodle sessions synchronised? Or even just to prevent the user from being logged out of Joomla while they are working within Moodle?

Our websites currently uses Moodle in an iframe within Joomla. The snag is that when they are done with Moodle in the iframe and try clicking links outside of the iframe, it brings them to the login page (because Joomla session has expired).
5 days 11 hours ago
Antonio Durán
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Joomla and Moodle sessions #2
In theory, Joomdle updates Joomla sessions via Moodle cron...now, I have not tested this in quite a while so I am not 100% sure it is working.
I will test myself as soon as I can (I am away this week) and get back to you.