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Joomla menu link to moodle category

3 weeks 2 days ago
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Joomla menu link to moodle category #1

I am not sure where to find the moodle category ID?

I did create one in the Moodle category edit area where you can create your own ID but when linking from Joomla I get: "No category selected"

I have attached some screenshots of what I see from Joomla and Moodle

Your assistance is appreciated.
Thank you
3 weeks 18 hours ago 3 weeks 18 hours ago by Web Buster UK Ltd.
Web Buster UK Ltd
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Joomla menu link to moodle category #2
When you edit the course category in Moodle, there's a field called "Category ID number". It is empty by default I believe, but you can put a number in there which will then be read by Joomdle.

Edit: It appears the course category ID is actually the ID within the moodle database. If you hover over the category link in Moodle, you'll see the URL ending with "categoryid=X". That X is the category ID.
2 weeks 5 days ago
Antonio Durán
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Joomla menu link to moodle category #3

Thanks for the bug report: the parameter in this view should show Moolde course category list, so you can select it without knowing about IDs.
Problem is that in a recent update, we changed some paths, and this view was not updated properly.
So, to fix this, please edit file: components/com_joomdle/views/coursecategory/tmpl/default.xml
            <field type="coursecategory" name="cat_id"  label="COM_JOOMDLE_CATEGORY" description="COM_JOOMDLE_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION" addfieldpath="/administrator/components/com_joomdle/fields" />
            <field type="coursecategorylist" name="cat_id"  label="COM_JOOMDLE_CATEGORY" description="COM_JOOMDLE_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION" addfieldpath="/administrator/components/com_joomdle/models/fields" />
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