Moodle edit profile page goes in cycles

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Moodle edit profile page goes in cycles #1
Dear Joomdle,

Firslty, I would like to let you know that your component is great and
we use them on our site.

I just have a slight issue on updating the moodle profile page. It seems to go on cycles
and we can't get out of the Edit Profile page in moodle.

Here are the systems installed on our site:
-Jomsocial 2.0.3
-Joomdle 0.4
-Joomla 1.5.22
-Moodle 1.9.10

We can get logged in on the community site(jomsocial) and autologs in moodle, but We keep getting this 'Edit Profile' page and requires us to fill out the First Name,Last Name and Email address then it will send us a confirmation link via email. But once a user clicked
on the email activation link, it still won't get us out of the Edit Profile Page so I think
it runs in circles.

So our question are:
1. Why do we keep getting this edit profile page as jomsocial integration is enabled
on joomdle plugin.
2. The user details that we fill out while registering on community site doesn't auto-populate
on moodle and still asks us for filling out the profile details. Is there a way
that we can get rid of the edit profile page and have moodle/joomdle fetch the userdetails from joomla?I hope it makes sense.

Actually, the problem doesn't happen to every user. It only happens to some.

I hope I could hear from you asap. Thank you very much in advance!

Kind Regards,
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Moodle edit profile page goes in cycles #2
Hi there,

The fact that it only happens to some is confusing. Can you find anything similar between those they are having problems vs those that are not having problems?
8 years 1 month ago
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Moodle edit profile page goes in cycles #3
I had this issue a couple days ago, so I just wanted to share how I solved it. Pay it forward, you know? ;)

The Edit Profile page kept going in circles for me with the email confirmation as well.

Since the only issue was with adding the email, I used the Joomdle Mappings feature to match the Joomla email field with the Moodle email field. That way, when a user registers with Joomla, the email is already filled in when they get to the Edit Profile page.

Just make sure you lock that field also in Moodle>Administration>Users>Authentication>Joomdle with (Unlocked if Empty).

Hope this helps someone!
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