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General Prerequisites

This document applies to Joomdle Release 0.23.

Before installing Joomdle ensure you have installed and configured the following:

  • Joomla 1.5.x
  • Moodle 1.9.x
  • XML-RPC for PHP

Joomla! Prerequisites

Once Joomla 1.5.x is installed and running correctly, you will need to activate Joomla's web services.  This can be done through Site -> Global System Configuration, System Tab, System Configuration.


Moodle Prerequisites

If you are installing Moodle for the first time, it will check for the existence of the PHP extension XML-RPC.  Please ensure it is installed.


PHP Prerequisites

If you have already installed Moodle you will need to ensure that XML-RPC is installed, you can check by using PHP Info found in the Joomla backend under Help / System Info / PHP Information.

Xmlrpc php.jpg

Moodle Configuration

Once Moodle has been installed, a number of options must be configured:


Activate Networking:

Administration Menu → Networking → Settings
Networking: On


Add Joomla server IP to the list of XML-RPC trusted hosts

Administration Menu → Networking → XML-RPC hosts
If it is the same server:
If you are working on a hosted site, it may be necessary to add its public IP address


Activate Moodle Network Authentication in Authentication Plugins

Administration Menu → Users → Authentication → Manage  authentication

Enable Moodle Network authentication

To enable Auto Add Remote Users enter Settings and select "Yes"


Allow visitors to enter Moodle courses directly.

If we want guest to enter directly to Moodle courses available for them, we actiavte auto-login for guests:
Administration Menu → Users → Permissions → User Policies
Activar Auto-login guests