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This document applies to Joomdle Release 1.2.1

User profile integration

  • When the user updates his Jomsocial profile, data (name, email, city...) is replicated in Moodle profile
  • When the user updates his Jomsocial avatar, it is also updated on Moodle

Required plugins:

  • Jomsocial profile

Please check Field Data Mapping to get more info on how create mappings to sync profile fields.

Activities in wall

When enabled, activities are created in Jomsocial:

  • When a new course is added in Moodle, a new activity informs of it in Jomsocial
  • When a user enrols into a course, a new activity is added to his profile
  • When a user submits a quiz attempt, a new activity is added to his profile (Moodle 2.1+ only)
  • When a user completes a course, a new activity is added to his profile (Moodle 2.5+ only)


Required plugins:

  • Jomsocial activities

You will need to enable "Social activities" in Joomddle configuration in Moodle.

Jomsocial groups for Moodle courses

Every time a new course is created in Moodle, a new group is created in Jomsocial for it.

Every time a user enrols into a Moodle course, he is added too to the corresponding Jomsocial group.

You can select the category to use for course groups in Joomdle Congiuration->User profiles: Category for course groups

Required plugins:

  • Jomsocial groups

You will need to enable "Create Social groups" in Joomddle configuration in Moodle.

Profile Types

You can use Jomsocial profile types as explained in Profile_Types

Required plugins:

  • Jomsocial Profile Types

User points

Joomdle lets you give users Jomsocial points in response to some actions. Current supported actions are:

  • Course enrolment
  • Quiz submitted
  • Course completed

To use this feature, you will need first to add the rules to Jomsocial. To do that, just scan for new rules. The new 2 actions should appear. Now you can publish and give points, so you can start using them.

Required plugins:

  • Jomsocial points

Profile plugins

Joomdle includes 2 Jomsocial Profile plugins, to show:

  • Courses the user is enroled in
  • Courses teached by user


You will first need to install and enable the plugins. Then, they will become available for users to add to their profile page.

Required plugins:

  • Jomsocial My Courses app
  • Jomsocial Courses I Teach app

Moodle username validation check

Joomdle will check that username is valid for Moodle, and it is not yet registered.

Required plugins:

  • Jomsocial Joomdle user check