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Integrating Joomdle with Kunena

This feature is only available in Joomla 2.5.x/3.x and Moodle 2+

Joomdle allows you to use Kunena forums instead of Moodle's:

  • Each time you create a new course forum, it is created on Kunena
    • Teachers are added as forum admins
    • Students are added as forum users

Then, on the Joomdle course view, you can set it to link to Kunena instead of Moodle forums.


There are a couple of things to configure before using Kunena integration.


First, you need to create/select the parent Teachers and Students groups. All teachers and students will be added to those. Also, new child groups will be created for each course. This is used to control access to course forums, so only enroled users can access them.

You will also need to enable "Use Kunena forums" in "Course view" configuration.

You can also select a parent category for the course forums, in Configuration->Integrations->Kunena integration.


You will need to enable these 2 options:

  • Use Joomla user groups
  • Use Kunena forums