Joomdle brings the best of both worlds together providing your students one seemless interface (environment) in which to enroll and take their courses.

  • Joomla - The leading Content Management System


  • Moodle - The leading Learning Management Sytem


With more than 100,000 downloads since 2009, Joomdle brings the following key features to your online learning environment:

Display Moodle Content in JoomlaView Moodle content in Joomla

Whether it be for announcements, sales of online learning courses, course details, teacher's profiles or the latest class events, Joomdle enables you to display Moodle's content inside Joomla creating a seemless user interface for your students and giving your organisation a consistent brand keeping your customers coming back for more learning.

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Centralised User ProfilesCentralised User Profiles

Centralisation and syncronisation of user profiles ensuring consistency of user details between Joomla and Moodle and their associated extensions.  In addition, you can choose whether to syncronise the user data from Joomla to Moodle or from Moodle to Joomla depending on your site's business policies.  Furthermore, you can specify the source extension for the user details such as EasySocial, Hikashop, etc.

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Joomla Extensions IntegrationThird Party Intergation

Integrate the most popular Joomla extensions with Moodle extending the capabilities of your online learning environment.  Whether it be one of the leading shopping carts, memebership / subscription systems, events & newsletter management, discussion or social extensions your students can interact with your site like never before.  In addition, this allows you to transform your LMS into a unique marketing engine to capture more students and retain them longer. 

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Single Sign-On Single Sign On

With this property a user / student logs in once and gains access to all the content and applications in both Joomla and Moodle without being prompted to log in again.

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Centralised User ProfilesSell Moodle Courses via Joomla

Sell Moodle courses, or bundles of courses, using your favourite Joomla e-commerce or subscriptions management extension. This means you can leverage the numerous shopping carts in Joomla and the hundreds of payment processors available - you are no limited to just Paypal. 

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System Health CheckSystem Health Check

Joomdle is not just your typical Joomla extension - it uniquely offers a weath of opportunities to your Moodle environment. Unfortunately, this presents complexities beyond the average Joomla extension installation.   The Joomdle System Health Check will help you identify installation problems. With this, you can quickly locate the most appropriate area within the documentation to quickly resolve the problem. 

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