Centralised User Profiles

Joomdle allows for the centralisation and syncronisation of user profiles ensuring consistency of user details between Joomla and Moodle and their associated extensions.  In addition, you can choose whether to syncronise the user data from Joomla to Moodle or from Moodle to Joomla depending on your site's business policies.  Furthermore, you can specify the source extension for the user details such as EasySocial, Hikashop, etc.  This ensures you have consistent user data across both platforms, removes the need for entering user data in multiple locations and places the management of user details with the users themselves. Additional options allow you to

  • map data fields in the Joomla extesions to the fields in Moodle so that you can control the data transferred / syncronised.
  • lock the fields in Moodle to ensure the user's data is managed centraly reducing data errors and elimating double entry of data.
  • map Joomla user groups or Joomla extension user profiles with Moodle roles (Student and Teacher roles only).

Currently, Joomdle allows for syncronisation of user details from the following Joomla extensions: