Need Professional Assistance?

While Joomdle's community support is available through the on-line forum, there are times when you prefer premium support from the Joomdle team. Whether it be Joomdle, Joomla or Moodle installations; custom Joomdle development and/or Joomdle hosting services, the Joomdle team is here to help.

Installation Services


Joomdle Development


Installation and Configuration Services

Are you having trouble setting up Joomdle, Joomla! or Moodle? Or perhaps you just don't have the time. The Joomdle team can help set up your web server environment and get you going quickly leaving you to manage your business and other projects. The end result is that you are ready sooner and making money faster.

Contact us at and let's get you running fast!

Custom Joomdle Development

Do you have a business requirement that demands more than what Joomdle provides today? Or perhaps you have a great idea that you would like to see in Joomdle sooner rather than later. Either way, you can influence the development of the Joomdle project through sponsored development activities allowing you to define the functional specification. This way, you get what your business requires sooner and you can feel good about contributing to the Joomdle project.

 Contact us at to discuss your Joomdle development needs.


Joomdle Hosting

Are you tired of your hosting provider forcing you to buy a VPS or dedicator server environment just to run Joomla or Moodle?  Or perhaps they are stuck on PHP 5 not allowing you to take advantage or the massive performance improvement of PHP 7.3?

While we don't have our own server to offer you, we have tested numerous cloud/hosting providers that meet the needs of a Joomdle/Moodle/Joomla environment at a fraction of the price.   In fact we are running this site and our demo Joomdle site on a shard environment for less than 150 USD per year.  

 To find out more, follow this link to get going on the best hosting provider we have used since we started Joomdle way back in 2009.  And yes, we do make a small referral fee should you choose to sign up.