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This document applies to Joomdle Release 2.0.0

Acymailing integration

Joomdle offers integration with the Acymailing component:

  • Tag replacement
  • List managment

Tag replacement

To use it you will need to install and enable the acymailing plugin(s) for tag replacement.

For Acymailing 6, only one package is required: Dynamics Joomdle

Acymailing 6 does not provide a plugin system to easily add new add-ons, so you will need to install it manually:

  • Unzip package in administrator/components/com_acym/dynamics/
  • Insert new row in database:

INSERT INTO `#__acym_plugin` (`id`, `title`, `folder_name`, `version`, `active`, `category`, `level`, `uptodate`, `features`, `description`, `latest_version`, `settings`, `type`) VALUES (NULL, 'Joomdle', 'joomdle', '1.0', '1', 'E-learning', 'starter', '0', '[\"automation\",\"content\"]', '- Insert course info in your emails', '1.0', NULL, 'ADDON');

These plugins are available for Acymailing 5. They can be installing via Extension manager:

  • Joomdle: tag replacement for general Moodle info
  • Joomdle course: tag replacement for info about a specific Moodle course

The Joomdle plugin offers these tags:

  • mycourses: list all user courses

The Joomdle course plugin lets you select any Moodle course, to include info about it. Current supported info types are:

  • Name
  • Description

List managment

Joomdle lets you create mailing lists for all students/teachers/parents of each course. Also, you can have general teacher, students and parents lists.


You will need to first create the lists you want to use. When you create a list, it auto populates it with the student/teachers/parents of the specific course.

From that point on, when a user enrols into the course, he is added to the list too. When he unenrols, he is removed from the list.