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I have a Red X under the System Health Tab in Joomdle

Joomdle has a System Health Tab which gives you insight into any problems you may have with your Joomdle installation and/or configuration. In order to use Joomdle properly, all items must have a Green Correct Check Mark.

If you have a Red X, refer to System health check for further details.

What does Joomdle's Single Sign On (SSO) do?

Joomdle's SSO provides the following functions in response to user actions:

  • When users are created in Joomla/Moodle, they are automatically created in the pther too.
  • When the user is looged in Joomla or Moodle, he is automatically logged into the other one too
  • When the user logs out of either Joomla or Moodle, he/she is automatically logged out of the other.
  • When a user updates his profile, it is update on the other side too

Why do I get a blank page when clicking on SSO links?

This usually happens when the Joomdle plugin is not installed/active in Joomla.

Why do I get the login page when clicking on SSO links?

This can be related to PHP sessions. Remember that and are different domains, so sessions are not preserved between them. You should always use the same domain, or redirect one to the other. For example, you may have configured to redirect to using the .htaccess file found in your root directory. An example of a redirection is below:

Rule for duplicate content removal : vs
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L,NC]
Check that the URL you entered in the Joomdle Configuration is the same as that in the RewriteRule.

Why enrol button does not show up in course details page?

Most likely, course is not enrollable by students. Check the enrolment dates and that self-enrolment method is enabled (in moodle 2.0)

Alsho it won't show up if you have set a cost for the course.

Why course page does not have links?

Course page will only show links to activities to users that are enroled in the course.

For non-enroled users, only text will be shown.

I don't get enroled after purchasing a course

This may be caused by many factors, some not even related to Joomdle.

Check that:

  • Shop component is selected in Joomdle configuration in Joomla, Shop section
  • Course product is in the right shop category as configured in Joomdle configuration in Joomla, Shop section
  • Manual enrolment plugin is enabled in course
  • Joomdle shop integration plugin (joomdlevm2, joomdlehikashop, ...) is installed and enabled
  • Order is being confirmed in shop
  • "Buy courses for children" is not enabled if you are not using it

If it still does not work, maybe it is not related to Joomdle.

In VM2, there has been reports of enrolments not working due to VM2 crashing on the background, due to memory limit issues. You can check the webserver error log looking for those errors.

Why do I get "Profile types integration enabled, but no profiles selected to create in Moodle" message?

This happens when you:

  • Select a Profile Types extension in Joomdle configuration
  • Don't publish any profile types in Joomdle -> Profile Types

To solve it, either disable profile type integration, or set some profile type to be created in Moodle

Why I get the full Moodle in the wrapper instead of only the main content?

Joomdle just shows Moodle inside the wrapper, with the theme you have configured in Moodle.

If you want to show only the content, you need to use a theme that does that.

Why do I get XML-RPC Error (404): Unknown Error?

This is caused by some problem in Moodle configuration. You can enable debugging in Moodle to get more info about the problem, so you can fix it.

Why the wrapper does not show anything?

Check that you enabled "Allow frame embedding" in Moodle configuration.

Please note that normal wrapper auto-height won't work when Joomla and Moodle are not on the same domain, In this case, you can try to use the new cross-domain auto-height, by enabling the option.

What about XML-RPC and PHP 8?

xmlrpc extension is unbundled in PHP 8.0. Even if you can still install it, you won't need to. Joomdle 2 provides support for REST web services, so XML-RPC is not required anymore.

Does Joomdle support Moodle 4

Yes, Joomdle 2 supports Moodle 4. Check Moodle4 for more information.

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