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Joomdle Modules

This document applies to Joomdle Release 2.0.0

There are several modules included with Joomdle. Here you can see a description of each one, and instructions on how toconfigure them.


Shows Moodle courses, with some options to control which courses are to be shown.

Mod joomdle courses config.png

  • Link to
    • This option controls where module links should point to. Options are:
      • Moodle Course, to link to the course page in Moodle
      • Course description, to link to the Joomdle course description page for the course
  • Guest courses only
    • Shows courses available to guests only
  • Free courses only
    • Shows free courses only
  • Sort by
    • Sort courses by: name, date, sortorder
  • Only latest courses
    • Show only this number of newer courses
  • Specific courses
    • Show only the selected courses
  • Specific categories
    • Show only the selected categories

Parameters that control which courses are shown can be mixed. For example, you can set it to show only free latest courses from a specified category.

The displayed courses will "follow" your site template for displaying modules and thus the look will change from site to site. The picture below shows a Left Position Menu on

J mod courses.png


Shows those specific Moodle courses that the currently logged in user has enrolled in. This module will link directly to the specific Moodle course.

The displayed courses will "follow" your site template for displaying modules and thus the look will change from site to site. The picture below shows a Left Position Menu on

J mod mycourses.png

You can configure some options:

  • Group by category: group courses by category
  • Link to: Moodle course, Joomdle course view or Joomdle course details view
  • Module class sufix
  • 'No courses' text: Text to show when the user has no courses


Shows Moodle calendar in Joomla, containing all the events for the currently logged user. Links to the desired Moodle calendar page.

J mod calendar.png

Two options define module configuration:

  • Start week day: sunday or monday
  • Show global events to guests: show Moodle global events to guests users.



Shows last grades for the logged user.

J mod mygrades.png

You can configure some options:

  • Max number of grades to show
  • Show average grades for each task
  • Module class sufix



Shows links to the user's Moodle mentees.

J mod mentees.png


Shows A-Z directory linking to courses or teachers.


Configuration options include:

  • Directory type to display: Courses or Teachers
  • Groups of chars to be shown

Abc config.png


Shows user certificates links.

There are no configuration options for this module.


Shows course navigation menu. Configuration parameters let you decide wich links should be shown.


To use this module and the other course-related modules, we recommend this procedure:

  • Set up a new menu, with no module attached
  • Create a new menu item ther of type Joomdle->Course
  • Get the Item id of the new menu item, and enter it in Joomdle configuration, "Course view itemid"
  • Set the course modules to appear only on this itemid


Shows course students.


Configuration parameters are:

  • Show this number of students at max
  • Use tooltips

Please not that this module can only be used in "course pages", like the wrapper or the course view, as it needs to show data related to a specific course.


Shows random quiz questions


Configuration parameters are:

  • Question category to pick questions from
  • Number of questions to show in quiz

NOTE: This module is only available for J1.6+ and Moodle 2.2+.


Shows course categories, linking to the course category view.


Shows teacher list, linking to the joomdle teacher view.


Shows badges for currently logged user.

You can define the max number of items to show.