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When you start the upgrade to Moodle 4, you will see this messasge in the Enviroment check:

It has been detected that the XML-RPC Web Service protocol is enabled on your site. This feature relies on the PHP XML-RPC extension which is no longer maintained by PHP.


This is shown because you have the XMLRPC protocol enabled for Joomdle to work. In PHP 8, XML-RPC is not available, so an alternative is needed.

With Joomdle 2, you can use REST web services instead, so XML-RPC is not required.

If you want to change to REST and get rid of the warning, follow this steps:

  • In Joomdle configuration in Moodle, set Web services protocol to REST.
  • In Joomdle configuration in Joomla, set Web services to REST
  • Go to Moodle->Site Administration->Server->Web Services->Manage protocols and disable XML-RPC protocol
  • In Joomla backend, go to System check page in Joomdle to make sure everything keeps working as expected