Centralised User Profiles

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Joomdle allows for the centralisation of the user's profile data ensuring consistency of information between Joomla / Moodle extensions. Joomdle leverages third party Joomla extensions to allow users to enter / change their personal details. Currently, these extensions include:

  • Virtuemart
  • Jomsocial
  • Easysocial
  • Community Builder
  • ...

The figure below shows the list of user fields that are centrally managed. You may configure Moodle to lock one or more of these fields.

Lock user fields.png

To configure Moodle to disable users from editing their profile details directly in Moodle refer to Installing Joomdle in Moodle

What if Virtuemart or Jomsocial is not installed on my Joomla site? In the future additional third party extensions that support user profile management will be integrated. However, if you prefer to manage the user's profile through Moodle, then ensure that the fields listed above are not locked.