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  • Allows webmasters to publish Moodle courses inside a Joomshopping storefront
  • Allows Buyers to purchase a Moodle course like any other product offered through Joomshopping
  • Automatically enrolls the Buyer in the selected course(s).
  • Sends a configurable email to the Buyer confirming their purchase / provide instructions on gaining access.

Required plugins

In order to user Joomdle-Joomshopping integration you will need to install and enable these plugins:

  • Joomshopping Selling Courses
  • Joomshopping Orders

Joomshopping Configuration

Ensure you have Joomshopping installed and working properly wirh normal products before you begin.

Create a new Joomshopping Product Category

Under the Joomshopping Product Menu, create a new Joomshopping Product Category to group your Moodle courses.

Joomdle Configuration


To start using Joomdle's Joomshopping integration, select it in Joomdle Configuration, Shop section, as shown in the image below.

Shop integration joomshopping.png

There is also another mandatory item to configure:

  • Courses category: Select the Joomshopping Product Category where you wish Moodle's courses to appear.

These are optional:

  • Buy courses for children: enable this option if you want to use this feature. You can get more info about it here
  • Send enrol emails: enable this option if you want Joomdle to send emails on course purchases
  • Subject of email and Body of email. Enter the Subject and Body of the email you wish to send. You can use COURSE_NAME and COURSE_URL for Joomdle to "grab" the values from Moodle.
  • Send bundle emails: enable this option if you want Joomdle to send emails on bundle purchases (one email will be sent for each course in bundle)

The package contains a new enrolment method for Moodle. This plugin is not required, and it is only useful for:

  • Setting a cost for course in Moodle
  • Showing a link to course in shop when user tries to enter course without enroling first

You can install it using Moodle's plugin installer at Site administration->Plugins->Install plugins.

After completing installation, go to Site administration->Plugins->Enrolments->Manage enrol plugins.

A new enrol method, called Joomdle, should appear in the list. Enable it so you can start using it.

R023 moodle enroll 1.jpg

Click Edit to configure its options:

  • Default cost: The default cost to enroll in courses
  • Currency: Your preferred default currency for courses
  • Enrol message: A message to show to the user if he tries to access the course without having paid. You can include the string BUY_COURSE_URL to show a link the the product page in shop.

Selling courses

Please follow this link to get information on how to sell courses with Joomdle: Selling courses with an e-commerce extension