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This document applies to Joomdle Release 1.2.7

Joomdle course content plugin

This plugin lets you show Moodle course information inside your Joomla articles. To use it, you will need to install the plg_content_joomdle_content_course package, present in other-joomla-packages folder, in joomdle package, and enable it.

Then you will be able to insert Moodle course info in your articles, with this tag: {joomdlecourse id=4}

The plugin have several generarl configuration options, to decide which info to show.


These options can be overriden in each individual tag, by passing the appropiate parameters:

{joomdlecourse id=3 link_to_course_details=1 show_description=1 show_language=0 show_startdate=0 show_enroldates=0 show_enrolperiod=0 show_cost=0 show_topicsnumber=0 free_courses_button=enrol paid_courses_button=buy}

Joomdle user check plugin

This plugin will run before user registration, checking:

- That username format is valid for Moodle (no spaces, no caps...)

- That username/email are not yet registered in Moodle

- It will also let you force users to use 2 words in Joomla name field, so both first name and surname are filled in Moodle.

It is advised to use this plugin (or its Jomsocial equivalent) to prevent username problems.