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Allows you to "include" Moodle courses in Payplans plans:

  • When user signs up for a plan, he is enroled into the courses
  • When plan runs out, user enrolment is suspended

Required plugins

In order to user Joomdle-Payplans integration you will need to install and enable this plugins:

  • Payplans Joomdle

Optional plugins

There are other Joomdle-Payplans plugins you can use:


Usually, you will have an App for each plan that has Moodle courses associated.

So, for each plan the steps are:

  • Create a new Joomdle app

This is done in Payplans panel -> Apps, and then selecting New.

New app.png

There, you can select which courses you want to include in this app.

Last step is associate the new app with a plan. You can do this directly when creating the app, or do it later on the "Edit plan" page.