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This document applies to Joomdle Release 1.2.1

Normal package


You can install the new version over existing one. Configuration parameters will be kept.


You can now update Joomdle on Moodle automatically without needed to manually upload a new package.

Just go to Site administration->Plugins->Plugins overview, and there you will see a notice next to Joomdle auth plugin if there is a new version available. Just click "Install this update" button to start the update.

Configuration parameters will be kept.

Starting from version 1.1.0, new functions will be added automatically to service on upgrade.

Note to users of previous versions: Automatic function adding will only happen if your service shortname is "joomdle". If your service is not called joomdle, you can remove it and create it again.

Otherwise, you will need to go to Site administration->Plugins->Web services->External services, and click on Functions link for Joomdle service to add functions manually. There, click "Add functions" to add any new functions added in the upgrade. You can find them using "joomdle" in the search box.