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Moodle Events to DPCalendar

1 year 11 months ago
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Moodle Events to DPCalendar #1
Hi guys,
being interested on buying Joomdle subscription, I read here: www.joomdle.com/wiki/DPCalendar k
that "With DPCalendar Joomdle integration plugin, you can create calendars in DPCalendar with Moodle events"

But What about the reverse ? I mean:
- In DPCalendar I have a lot of Calendars (Categories)
- I want that, automatically, all the Moodle Events when created, are added and consideres all in the same DPCalendar Calendar "Culture"
- so, automatically, on all the Maps Search etc. where the DPCalendar Calendar "Culture" is included > all the Moodle Eventes will be shown

Please, How to set it ? Do you have any tricks and tips for it ?

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