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[Closed] Study Planner in Joomdle

12 years 3 months ago 12 years 1 month ago by Antonio Durán.
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[Closed] Study Planner in Joomdle #1

How can i use the study planner or how can i integrate the study planner by using the joomdle.

My requirement are as follow.

* Need the study planner, which the plan will be displayed in the calendar, where student and tutor can manage the plan.

* I'm not sure moodle has it features.

* And if the feature is in the moodle, then can i integrate this in joomla website using the joomdle.

Your help is highly appreciated. Please let me know.


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12 years 3 months ago
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[Closed] Study Planner in Joomdle #2
Hi. I have moved this post to the "Feature Requests" forum.

You say "how can I integrate the study planner" and also say you are "not sure moodel has this feature". This confuses me a little.

Let me try to answer ....

Moodle has a Calendar feature that allows teachers to add assignments, tasks, activities to. When the activities is added to the Calendar it will be available to students to see. For example if the Teacher knows the lesson plan for the next 3 months, then the Teacher can create calendar activities for each lesson / Topic. You can read more about the Moodle calendar here docs.moodle.org/en/Calendar k

At this time Joomdle does not show the Moodle calendar content. This is something that will be considered in the future based on demand and complexity. That said, it would be useful if you could provide more details about what you would to see and how you would like it to work once you are familiar with the Moodle calendar.

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