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9 years 7 months ago
Gene Beed
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User Joomdlehooks Plug In #1
I have JomSocial 1.8, Joomdle 0.3 and have found that Facebook connect leaves me with empty dialog boxes on login unless the Joomdlehooks plugin is disabled, in which case Facebook connect works fine.

What functionality am I giving up with disabling this plugin, what workarounds (if any)exist and is anybody else experiencing this?
9 years 7 months ago
Antonio Durán
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User Joomdlehooks Plug In #2

We have not tried yet to integrate with Facebook connect, so I guess Joomdle will need mods for it to wrok.

As for disabling the joomdlehooks plugin, you loose:
- Auto user creation in moodle
- Single Sign On
9 years 4 weeks ago
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User Joomdlehooks Plug In #3
Dear Antonio,
I would like to know if this issue has been solved in joomdle 0.51.


9 years 3 weeks ago
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User Joomdlehooks Plug In #4
The Facebook connect integration has not been developed yet. So far there has not been sufficient demand for it.