User registrations outside of shopping cart

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User registrations outside of shopping cart #1
I have a Joomla/Moodle 2.6.1/Joomdle 0.95, Hikashop setup. Using Paypal to check out.
Everything was configured and working great. But about a month ago, there were a bunch of new users that hadn't made purchases.
They're spam, showing as registered users in both Joomdle and Moodle.

It appears they are somehow able to register an account. I've looked on the Joomla side and there are no registration/login modules anywhere on the site.

Do you have any ideas on how they're getting in? Do I need to disable self-registration? Any advice appreciated!


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6 years 2 weeks ago
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User registrations outside of shopping cart #2
Hi there,

It is a little challenging to provide you with an answer to your question as we know very little about your site at this time. Therefore, here is some generic information:
- Joomdle does not have user registration capabilities / functions. Registration is performed with the your other platforms / extensions eg. Joomla, Hikashop, etc.
- For Joomdle to work properly, you do not need self-registration to be enabled in Moodle. You do need manual
- In the moodle table mdl_user and a field / column called auth. This will tell you have the users were created from Moodle's perspective.
- You can also compare the date / time stamp of the user created in Moodle and created in Joomla. If the user was registered in Joomla, it is likely that you will see a second or two difference in the time stamp - Joomla being earlier.
- It is possible that users are registered in Hikashop without a purchase being made.
- You can view the user in Hikashop and see which fields / data were created. During a Joomla registration there is only a few fields of data whereas Hikashop you may have many more fields depending on your configuration.

If you notice the users are still being registered continuously / everyday. Disable the Joomdle plugin to see what happens - this may not be possible depending on your site availability to the public.

You may also wish to enable some form of spam check to prevent the take registrations from happening.

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