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[Closed] Themes for Joomdle

9 years 6 months ago 9 years 5 months ago by Chris.
Pavel Fernandez
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[Closed] Themes for Joomdle #1
First at all guys. What a terrific job you did with Joomdle. It's AMAZING!!!
I am pretty new to Joomla/Joomdle/Moodle, but I was able to install it on my first try!!!! not bad!!!
I followed all your instructions and everything looks fine now.
However, I´d like my joomdle site looks as great as yours. So, I have several questions

1. How do I make joomla looks like your demo site. I mean, after installing joomla, moodle, joomdle, my joomla looks like any normal joomla site with some new links

Joomdle courses
My Joomdle courses
Joomdle calendar

etc (see attached file)

located at the right corner of my screen

2. When i log into Moodle, how do I set up a link to moodle. I also installed Mahara and for it I added a block and a Mahara icon appears on myu main Moodle page. How the Interections works in Joomdle?

3. Where can I buy/download a template similar to your Demo site

Ps. Sorry if you find these questions stupid, but I am new to this xisting world of LMS/CMS


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9 years 6 months ago
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[Closed] Themes for Joomdle #2
Firstly, Congrats on getting your three systems up and going - great job.

There are a few questions all rolled up into one here.

Joomla has a template system allowing you to change your template while maintaining your functionality and content giving you an new look immediately. There are many template providers for Joomla - a quick google will find many. Some of the more popular providers include yootheme, rockettheme, joomlashack, joomlapraise, so many more. Moodle has a similar concept.

Since you are using Joomdle, I am assuming Joomla will be your front door and moodle one room / window inside it. Thus you most likely want to keep Moodle as simple as possible or choose / build a Moodle theme which mirrors you Joomla theme.

Joomdle doesn't really have a theme as it is a Joomla component and therefore will follow the look and feel of your template. There are some slight exceptions however. For example, Joomdle allows you to customise the look of the Calendar Module.

Mahara is an entirely different kettle of fish. It is a social platform on its own and does not exist within Joomla nor Moodle. There are integration points with Moodle but there is no link between it and Joomla for example. Most people who choose Joomla as their Master / front door, would choose either Jomsocial or Community Builder for a social platform within Joomla. Joomdle will link both of these up to Moodle along with a user details / profiles form the two major Joomla commerce systems (VM and Tienda).

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9 years 5 months ago
Adam Saad
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[Closed] Themes for Joomdle #3
Hi chris and all others

I have been reading all the post about joomdle but could not find any theme like your own website ?

can you please let us know where we could find a theme like your site demo demo20.joomdle.com/ k

or tell me if we can buy the theme ?

any one providing paid support for themes and other development stuff ?

please help


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9 years 5 months ago
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[Closed] Themes for Joomdle #4
The basis for the theme we used on our demo is from Rockettheme but we did change a number of things. That said, almost all templates can be made to look like another it's really a matter of how you place your modules and what extensions you use to complement it.

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