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SSO Problem

11 years 4 months ago
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SSO Problem #1
hello I just installed the latest version of Joomla today and placed it in a subdirectory; I then installed moodle in another subdirectory. I then installed Joomdle through the Joomla install feature. After I created a few courses in moodle, I set up users in both Joomla and Moodle separately. I verified that all components of joomdle was installed correctly and enabled.

My question is what do I do next to integrate moodle/Joomla users? I created a menu item that was a wrapper to the moodle homepage--when I navigate to it it just opens the moodle homepage in a wrapper. I would like my front page of moodle to only be accessible by registered users only. How do I set this up so that when a user from my public website, clicks on a student login link, they are directed to a login page and when they login, they can access the moodle homepage. In addition, when I created users in my joomla site, I was expecting those users to pop up in my moodles site--that didn't happen. Can you clarify the sso set-up process

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11 years 4 months ago
Antonio Durán
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SSO Problem #2

First thing is to know if everything is set up correctly, before going to SSO.

Do you get the modules to show the courses in Moodle?

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