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[Closed] Virtuemart Integration and Auto-Create users off

11 years 6 months ago 9 years 8 months ago by Chris.
Antonio Durán
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[Closed] Virtuemart Integration and Auto-Create users off #1
In release 0.23 there is a bug which prevents Moodle users from being created when using Virtuemart Integration and setting Auto Create users to Off.

You can install 0.23a to correct this problem. You would only need to re-install the joomdle auth plugin for moodle.

Alternatively, you can upload the attached file (rename it to auth.php) to moodle/auth/joomdle to replace existing auth.php.

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Or you can fix it by hand. Open file moodle/auth/joomdle/auth.php, and go to line 1196. There, change:
create_joomdle_user ($username);
$this->create_joomdle_user ($username);

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