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I try to integrate the moodle in my site (joomdle 0.41 on Joomla 1.5.22 and Moodle 2.0 stable). I checked all steps from instructions for the moodle and joomla. And now System check shows all the status column checked.
Next, I've created the new menu item for the joomdle wrapper and tried to enter in moodle.
As I've expected, system redirected me to the login page. But after login system redirect me to the main page of the my site and not in wrapper for the moodle.
If I try enter to the wrapper. The page with info from the moodle is opened for few seconds and redirected to page with info "You are logged in and you can visit the indoor section of the site.":(
In addition, I see the next error in the calendar's module "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ...".
My joomla site have URL www.mysite.com k, and my moodle system have URL www.mysite.com/moodle k. I used these URLs in my joomdle settings from both systems.

Have You any suggestions?

Thank you!
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Antonio Durán
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Your config appears to be ok.

I don't really understand your problem with the wrapper. The wrapper menu item is not usually used by itself, but more from Joomdle modules.

I never saw the "you are logged" message on Moodle.
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Thanks a lot for your answer.
I tried to describe the problem, but suddenly I found an error and site worked. In the parameters of the component was accidentally registered the wrong URL Moodle.

Good luck! And thanks again!:)
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